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Below you will find the news record.

2013-12-30   Virtual classroom

Virtual classroom is a new training product from It enables carrying out synchronic courses online - webinars. Features include chat, videochat, polls and queries, slideshows and registering webinars as a video file for further sharing.

As compared to competitive solutions worldwide, our system allows the trainer to control instructional flow of a session according to a session scenario. What is more, using our virtual classroom is possible with internet browser only. It can be a mobile browser as well, in limited set of features.

Virtual classroom is already available on the PARP Academy portal. Please contact us for more details:
2013-11-28   Games engine in HTML5

We are pleased to inform on completing a new training games engine. The engine - serverside and HTML5 interface enable creating board games, also mobile ones. The first game in this engine "Tour through the PARP Academy" is available under this link (only in Polish)
2013-10-22   E-courses on Alior products

We're pleased to announce accomplishing extensive program of multimedia interactive e-learning courses for the employees of Alior Bank. The courses concerned products and applications used by Alior Bank.
2013-09-30   We back up Espruino

Through Kickstarter portal we became backers of Espruino - hardware platform based on Javascript. We believe such fantastic solutions open great opportunities for developing e-learning beyond devices like laptop, tablet or smartphone!
2013-08-29   Training project for BGZ

We are working on new e-learning courses on procedures and internal regulations for the BGZ Bank employees.
2013-07-16   PARP Academy: 170 000

Over 170 000 participants have taken part in the PARP Academy - the largest e-learning project in Poland, provided since 2006 by team.
2013-06-30   Training project for Alior

We have prepared e-learning course on effective communication for Alior Bank. The course was implemented together with an update of the e-learning platform. The implementation was preceded by requirements' analysis and setting up a test instance in our DMZ.
2013-05-30   AML course continued

We are pleased to announce further continuation of the e-learning course on Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

The e-learning course has been developed for the General Inspector of Financial Information and delivered through vortal (only in Polish). Since 31 March 2009 the e-learning course has been completed by over 95 000 participants. The course completion is awarded with certificate.
2013-04-14   Passed ISO 9001 audit

We are pleased to announce having passed our first external control audit. Our organization is ISO 9001 certified since 2012.
2013-03-31   PARP Academy: RWD, WAI

In the PARP Academy portal we have implemented effective information architecture and new graphic design, compliant with up-to-date RWD (Responsive Web Design) requirements. The PARP Academy is the largest e-learning project in Poland (available only in Polish).This way we have enhanced access to numerous training products. The portal GUI enables using mobile devices - tablets and smartphones.

In special WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) mode for disabled users readers for blind people and reading for visually impaired people are supported. Within this mode portal is compliant with WCAG 2.0 standard, AA level.
2013-02-09   M-learning from!

We are pleased to inform on a new family of training products from We believe that m-learning/mobile courses will remarkably enrich training projects. Our m-learning courses, like the e-learning ones, are multimedia, interactive applications, based entirely on Internet browser. One doesn't need to install any apps for separate mobile systems.

Important technological difference in m-learning is introducing HTML5 instead of Flash Player environment and using RWD (Responsive Web Design), i.e. application window self-adjusting to the screen size. The very same m-learning course may be used on desktop computers, as well as on mobile devices - popular tablets and smartphones. It's also an important instructional change.

Further information:
2013-01-03   Find us on facebook!

Find us and like our fanpage on :)
2012-12-31   The PARP Academy 2012

We are proud to announce winning public tender and signing contract with Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) to carry out the PARP Academy project in over 2 oncoming years.

Through the portal (only in Polish) this largest Polish e-learning project will train another 9.5 thousand participants - enterpreneurs and their employees from Polish enterprises and people planning to start a new business. The project will provide 8 new e-learning business courses, 5 e-learning and blended courses for the training companies, updating the so-far 34 e-learning and blended learning courses, creating 47 m-learning courses.

The contract amounts 17,6M PLN (about 5,68M USD). The project will be carried out by consortium with as a prime contractor. Betacom S.A. - partner of the consortium - is an IT integrator, public company traded at the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

We are sure that continuing this project will be another milestone for development of e-learning in Poland as well as modern possibilities feasible through e-learning. The PARP Academy 2012 project develops m-learning as a method of gaining and sharing knowledge on tablets and smartphones, also using rapid learning courses, knowledge pills and virtual classroom for business training focused on problem solving.
2012-11-30   Updates for the

We are pleased to annouce contract with National Bank of Poland on updating e-learning courses provided by for the in 2003-2006. At this time was Polish largest e-learning project providing very valuable educational e-learning courses on economics. Current updating includes also expert field issues.
2012-10-02   Social media for AURAEKO

We're carrying out social media project for the AURAEKO Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling Organization S.A including training vortal extensions with new vortal features and facebook fanpage.
2012-09-05   M-learning coming soon!

M-learning is a new segment of the e-learning market, possible through dynamic growth of popularity of smartphones and tablets. The latest premieres of faster mobile devices create technical opportunities. At Estakada we're working on a brand new template of courses for mobile devices - smartphones and tablets. The prototype does not need Adobe Flash and services new screen resolutions. The m-learning courses, according to new instructional design methodology coming soon! For more information please write to mobile(at)
2012-08-31   E-learning on security

We carried out a complex project of e-learning courses on security and risk management for the BGŻ Bank. Over 5 thousand participants completed the courses.
2012-07-25   Implementing ISO 27001

We started implementation of information security management system according to the norm ISO 27001. Thanks to the system we'll be able to better respond to growing expectations from our customers as related to information security, especially personal data protection. The verification of our so far information security management system has been carried out by DEKRA.
2012-06-25   We've got ISO 9001:2008!

We are very pleased to inform on implementation of quality management system in accordance with international standards ISO 9001:2008. The system, finally implemented last year, has been certified without any (usually exercised) exemptions, according to demanding German accreditation (DAkkS, formerly TGA) by international auditor DEKRA Certification. Thus, we joined about 10 thousand companies in Poland with ISO 9001:2008 certificate, including only about 2 thousand companies with foreign certification. We are the first company from the Polish e-learning industry with such certificate - see links: English certificate, German certificate.

We are convinced that ISO 9001:2008 certification is another confirmation for our customers on the highest quality standards met by Estakada e-learning projects and products.
2012-05-07   New course for AURAEKO

The training vortal (only in Polish) for AURAEKO Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling Organization S.A has been enriched with new e-learning course on the legal Act of Polish Parliament on recycling of electrical batteries and accumulators.
2012-04-04   Rotoscoping in e-L courses

The features offered by our small forms studio has been enriched by a new effect: rotoscoping. This technical solution produces animated, cartoon characters out of filmed video clips that can be further mixed with other objects (not only realistic ones). The technique has been recognized in the movie industry - known for example from the movie "A Scanner Darkly" (2006) with Keanu Reeves. However, rotoscoping is completely new in e-learning courses.
2012-03-28   AML course continued

We are pleased to announce continuation of the e-learning course on Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

The e-learning course is conducted for the General Inspector of Financial Information through vortal (only in Polish). Since 31 March 2009 the e-learning course on has been completed by over 70 000 participants. The course completion is awarded with certificate.
2012-02-21   Rebranding TP/Orange

We are carrying out e-learning project for the Telekomunikacja Polska (Polish Telecom) Group/Orange related to rebranding of this largest Polish telecommunication group of companies.
2012-01-19   Support for Chrome/Safari

Due to the growing market share of the Google Chrome browser we carried out extensive development and testing. As a result, our e-learning courses will be available also for the users of Webkit engine browsers, mostly Google Chrome, but also Apple Safari.

Our e-learning courses will be successively adjusted to service these browsers. The PARP Academy courses in the first place - the largest e-learning project in Poland.
2011-12-09   Communities for the PARP

We launched a training communities service within the PARP Academy portal. The service has combined various features we have developed and used in our e-learning projects for years. Authorized participants - ambassadors - may now create their own communities and invite friends to take paths through the existing courses of the PARP Academy.

There are over 200 multi-hour modules in 31 e-learning courses. An ambassador can compose his/her own training paths, e.g. on negotiating or finance, from all available modules. Such a new training path may efficiently address particular community needs.
2011-11-30   Completed project for KSSiP

We have completed the project for the Polish National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution. Within the project we created 15 large, interactive, multimedia e-learning courses. Using the courses we carried out online courses for Polish judges, prosecutors and justice employees. The project was performed with mentoring, recrutation and providing community collaboration tools online through the e-learning portal. Over 6 thousand people participated in the project.
2011-10-23   Systems for ORLEN

We are pleased to inform on carrying out advanced e-learning course on integrated management systems for PKN ORLEN S.A. (one of the largest petrol producers and retailers in Central Europe). This advanced course is produced using Estakada's domain field experience.

We invite all customers interested in developing its employees in process-oriented management through alike courses. E-learning is a perfect training form to build awareness and introduce competence-based programmes.
2011-09-01   Language e-courses

Within the E-learning KSSiP portal for the Polish National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution we produced four language e-learning courses: English at the A2 and B2 levels, German: A2 and French: also A2 level. The courses include legal aspects and terminology. Source materials were developed in cooperation with Empik School.
2011-08-08   WebQuest in our b-learning

We extended our methodology of blended learning with WebQuest technique. The technique is using a very effective approach to learning through teaching with own collaborative project online covering such topics as: research, aim/problem definition, methods, algorithms, evaluations, drawing conclusion and documenting sources.

Within the PARP Academy in 2012 we will carry out four blended-learning courses. WebQuest will be a part of these courses, along with asynchronic online modules and classroom workshops. Technically, we will be using our collaborative wiki application.
2011-07-25 has 10 years!

With 10 years of Institute for Interactive Education we would like to thank very much to our Customers, employees and supporters for the input you have provided to the growth of our organization.

We are sure that in the 10 years to come we will face another epic breakthroughs for our market and our business.
2011-06-02   Web-based authoring tool

We are pleased to inform on developing proprietary web-based authoring tool for creation of simple e-learning courses. The ATOOL as compared to other solutions is strongly concentrated on learning process and enables full control of instructional design and course scenario. The tool is used in the component of the PARP Academy project directed to training companies and institutions.
2011-05-30   Consortium with Deloitte

We are pleased to inform on accomplishing e-learning course in consortium with Deloitte Advisory on European Commission Directive on MiFID for PKO Bank Polski S.A. The course was based on source material provided by Deloitte.
2011-04-03   Vortal for AURAEKO

We are pleased to inform on execution of large e-learning course on special legal Act of Polish Parliament on recycling electrical and electronic equipment for AURAEKO Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling Organization S.A. The course is accessed by AURAEKO customers through dedicated training vortal (only in Polish) with infoline. The vortal enables generating of cerificates and recruitation features.
2011-03-29   The GIIF vortal: 50K+ users!

Certificate-awarded e-learning course on Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing created and delivered by for the General Inspector of Financial Information through vortal (only in Polish) has been completed by over 50 000 participants.
2011-02-28   E-learning KSSiP launched

In December 2010 we launched social online learning portal E-learning KSSiP (only in Polish) for The Polish National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution (KSSiP), addressed to judges, public prosecutors and other justice employees. The portal has numerous and attractive social features, which maximize benefits from using e-learning. For example: we designed innovative "pager" feature, where individual participating in an e-learning course can ask for help - via chat, e-mail etc - from any other participant currently logged to the portal.

At the project completion, the portal will includea wide set of important and necessary e-learning courses, including language courses. The portal has been awaited. In a short time since the portal launch, over 1500 users have registered and passed the first courses.
2011-01-20   Video+animation

We carried out a very interesting project of an e-learning course conveying a new strategy of one of leading banks in Poland to its employees. The course is using footage of the bank CEO moving in virtual scenery with animated objects and characters. The course has been received with great interest from its audience and positively influenced our Client achievements.

The "Roger Rabbit" effect, known originally from Hollywood picture is now available in e-learning courses from
2010-12-02 at ITMED 2010 attended annual international conference-forum ITMED 2010 dedicated to Innovative Technologies for Medicine, organized in Bialystok by Innovative Eastern Poland Asociation.
2010-11-29   For Judges and Prosecutors

We are pleased to inform about signing the contract with The Polish National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution to carry out training social portal with e-learning courses and mentoring for Polish judges, prosecutors and justice employees. The contract value is PLN 2,67M (EUR 0,7M).

We are convinced that the project will enhance professional development in Polish Judiciary and Prosecution System.
2010-10-31   E-learning for PKO BP

We are pleased to inform on carrying out e-learning course on sales for employees of PKO Bank Polski S.A. - the largest bank in Poland.
2010-09-30   Bluebox in our multimedia

Our small forms studio has mastered new technics: bluebox. It allows mixing filmed objects with flash animations through chroma key effect. Thanks to this, filmed human being may be embedded in virtual scenery like 3D, pictures etc. This feature introduces new multimedia solutions in our e-learning courses, presentations and games.
2010-08-02   E-learning for Marketplanet

We are pleased to inform about signing a contract and carrying out e-learning application course for the Otwarty Rynek Elektroniczny S.A., provider of auction procurement system Marketplanet.
2010-07-07   New PMPs in

Two another employees of gained the most recognized worldwide credential of professional project manager (PMP) granted by the largest association of project managers: Project Management Institute (PMI). Warm congratulations! There are 6 PMPs already in our company.
2010-06-15   Cooperation with Deloitte

We are pleased to inform on signing contract with Deloitte Advisory and accomplishing e-learning course on implementing European Commission Directive on MiFID for Deutsche Bank. The course was based on source material provided by Deloitte.
2010-05-28   E-learning for BGZ from ESF

We are pleased to inform about winning a competition and signing contract with the BGZ Bank to provide e-learning courses co-financed from the European Social Fund - Human Capital Operational Programme for the BGZ Bank employees in 2010-2012.
2010-04-30   E-learning for PKN ORLEN

We are happy to inform on accomplishing induction e-learning course for newly employed workers of the PKN ORLEN - one of the largest businesses in Poland, one of Central Europe’s largest oil refiners.
2010-03-30   Streamed interactive content

We have developed innovative feature of streaming interactive, multimedia content implemented inside e-course screens. Thanks to this, our core product - e-learning courses - will be enriched with "lightweight" video clips or audio synchronized with animation. Opposite to solutions used for example on YouTube, based on flv format, our streaming component allows to put simple interactivities into streamed content.
2010-02-01   The PARP Academy

We are proud to announce winning public tender and signing contract with Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) to carry out the PARP Academy project in 3 oncoming years.

Through the portal (only in Polish) this largest Polish e-learning project will train over 20 thousand participants - enterpreneurs and their employees from the SME sector (small and medium size enterprises). The project will provide 14 new e-learning business courses including e-courses on legal and tax issues.

The contract amounts 14,148M PLN (about 5M USD). The project will be carried out by consortium with as a prime contractor. Betacom S.A. is an IT integrator, public company traded at the Warsaw stock exchange, in the project responsible for component of classroom courses for training institutions.

We are sure that continuing this project will be a significant impulse for development of e-learning in Poland as well as modern possibilities feasible through e-learning, like social learning and knowledge management.
2010-01-15   AML course: 10K users!

Over 10 000 people completed free-of-charge e-learning course produced by for the General Inspector of Financial Information. The course on Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing is being carried out under contract with the Polish Ministry of Finance, through the internet vortal started 31th March 2009 - the address (in Polish). The course completion is awarded with certificate. Number of participants makes the vortal one of the largest e-learning projects in Poland.
2009-12-18   Small forms studio

We are deploying a new competence center: small forms studio. The studio will be specialized in non-linear video editing and production and postproduction of podcasts and videocasts in totally controlled movie microstage. This will enrich our e-learning courses and other multimedia products with standard, easy-to-produce video scenes, optimized for web conditions.
2009-11-30   E-learning for GE/BPH

We are pleased to inform about signing a contract and providing of e-learning training on sales accompanied by other multimedia products for the GE Capital Group/BPH Bank.
2009-10-05   Knowledge base

We are developing e-learning solutions for knowledge management. Our another product within this discipline - knowledge base - is a context search engine interconnected with rich-indexed e-learning content and resources. We are intensively using powerful possibilities of the SCORM and IMS standards.

Business customers interested in demonstration of the knowledge base are kindly invited to contact our customer relations department at knowledge-management(at)
2009-09-21   E-learning for AEGON

We are pleased to inform about signing a contract and express providing of product e-learning course for AEGON Towarzystwa Ubezpieczeń na Życie S.A. (life insurer).
2009-08-10   Best practices in eL

The Columbus Portal successfully completed as confirmed by post-evaluation conducted by the European Commission. Thus it became a best practice, recommended for other e-learning projects. The objective of the project was a market validation of e-learning marketplace, where different content providers could offer their courses to the market. In three countries (Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom) 750 participants took part in carefully prepared pilot runs of the service. Survey research on the participants - and other experiences from this project - are valuable lessons for the future.
2009-07-02   Star Courses

We've produced a unique strategy game on-line for the PARP Academy participants. The game simulates real business decisions in the controlled environment of a virtual market.

In this highly-interactive, engaging multimedia formula, the players are competing against each other as virtual businesses - acting individually or in groups. The players make investments, employ workers, try to gain the largest possible market share and to maximize their profits.

The "Star Courses" game is played entirely on-line, with optional support (mentoring, classroom workshop). The communication between players and major mechanisms of the game (virtual sales) are based on chat communication protocol. The game engine is based on the django/python framework. Also the scenery is engaging: designed with a lot of care for details, placed in a consistent virtual reality of a hyperspace ship mission to another galaxy. The players may experience references to popular movies like Matrix, Star Trek, Star Wars and the science-fiction literature by Stanislaw Lem.

The first edition of the game starts in the end of July 2009.
2009-06-30   Vortal for BGZ Bank

We are pleased to inform about signing a framework agreement and completing first project of e-learning courses for the BGZ Bank employees. The e-learning courses supported by mentoring are carried out via dedicated e-learning vortal (only in Polish).
2009-05-04   Vortal for KBC Polska

We are pleased to inform on signing the contract to carry out periodic courses on Occupational Safety & Health for the employees of Kredyt Bank, TUiR Warta (general insurer) oraz TUnŻ Warta (life insurances) - companies of the KBC Polska group. The e-learning courses for management and executive employees will be provided with helpdesking and administration through dedicated vortal at the address (only in Polish)
2009-04-02   MF vortal at the conference has taken an active part in the international conference in Zakopane Poland on combating money laundering and terrorism financing - new technology challenges - Central and Eastern Europe approach. The participants were government officials from Ministry of Finance from Poland and Ukraine, Council of Europe and US Department of Justice. Our presentation was dedicated to the newly started - on 31st March 2009 - training vortal with e-learning course on preventing money laundering and financing terrorism, provided for General Inspector of Financial Information - the responsible unit of Polish Ministry of Finance. The vortal (only in Polish) is available at the address
2009-03-31   E-learning for CU Polska

We are pleased to inform about signing a framework agreement with Commercial Union Polska for providing e-learning courses; the first project has already been completed.
2009-02-02   Training vortals

We've created an extensive portal system to carry out complex e-learning service through training vortals. The service consists of elaborating dedicated e-learning courses, providing an e-learning platform on our servers, Internet connection (the ASP - Application Service Providing model) and mentoring - people assigned as responsible for carrying out training for appointed group of participants.

Thanks to the newly introduced service, our customers need no longer to invest in servers, Internet bandwidth, e-learning platforms, helpdesking and administering e-learning to make use of all the possibilities of the on-line courses.

We kindly invite potential business customers to contact our account managers complex-el-service(at)
2009-01-10   PARP Academy: 60 000

As of January 2009 the number of registered PARP Academy project participants hit 60 thousands. We notice a great interest from participants planning to start a new business - the project has been open for them since the beginning of December 2008.
2008-12-18   For the Malopolska Gateway

We're pleased to announce accomplishing at a record pace the e-learning course "First Aid" for the portal Wrota Malopolski (Malopolska Gateway) under contract with the local authorities of the Malopolska Voivodeship (Urzad Marszalkowski Wojewodztwa Malopolskiego).

The course (only in Polish) is available at the portal website. Delivering the entire scope: from gaining source material and e-learning production to the launch at the opensource platform Moodle, took less than two weeks!
2008-11-19   For Ministry of Finance

We are pleased to inform on signing the contract with the Polish Ministry of Finance for designing, 3-year hosting and administering e-learning course on "Preventing money laundering and financing terrorism". The on-line course is dedicated to financial institutions and groups specified in the Polish law. The course will be produced in 2008, the hosting will start in 2009.
2008-10-07   Support for Opera

Due to the growing market share of the Opera browser we have done a wide development and testing, making all the advanced features of our e-learning courses available also for the Opera users.
2008-09-26   Columbus pilot runs

At the beginning of October 2008 we start recruiting users for the Columbus Portal pilot runs.

The Columbus Portal is an european e-learning marketplace performed within the contract with the European Comission. The project is carried out by the consortium of four companies from Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom and two German universities.

Estakada from the Polish part is responsible for currently delivered pilot runs.

The pilot runs will be conducted in October and November 2008 in the same time in Germany, Poland and the UK. Participants will pass selected by himself/herself e-learning course offered by the Portal. The courses in the pilot runs are free of charge - in return the participant fills evaluation questionnaires on such topics as the courses quality, portal, expected purchasing process etc.

All the Polish-spoken potential users willing to participate in this unique e-learning project are welcomed. Please contact our mentoring department - Ms Marta Wisniewska phone +48 22 5816 339 columbus(at)
2008-08-22   E-learning program for AB

We're proud to announce accomplishing at record pace extensive program of dedicated, multimedia interactive e-learning courses for the employees of newly established Alior Bank.

The program of application and product-oriented e-courses carried out during the period of July-August 2008 exceeds 100 hours of sitting time.

Alior Bank has chosen as performer of e-learning courses, most of the Bank courses is being done in this modern form.

Total value of purchase orders carried out within July-September 2008 exceeds 1 mln PLN (currently over 450 th USD).
2008-07-09   PARP Academy 2008

The PARP Academy project has been prolonged once more - this time due to huge interest of participants and financial sources from the ESF operational programme Human Capital. Since launching the PARP Academy portal (available only in Polish) in November 2006 till June 2008 this unique worldwide and the largest Polish e-learning project gathered almost 45 thousands participants from the small and medium enterprises (SME). Despite fulfilling ambitious objectives the most important outcomes of the project comprise:
  • recognized brand of the PARP Academy as the educational portal for SME offering business e-learning courses,
  • involvement of remarkable percentage of SME operating in Poland, alike with the percentage of SMEs interested in distant training,
  • outstandingly high completion rate (percentage of participants completing the e-learning course with a passing score compared to the total number of course-takers) at 30%.
The prolonged PARP Academy will cover several important improvements including new e-learning course on establishing own company. The PARP Academy is a frontline e-learning project of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development PARP.

Prolonged PARP Academy is the first PARP-initiated project cofinanced by the ESF operational programme Human Capital.
2008-06-20   Adobe Solution Partnership

We're pleased to inform becomes Adobe Solution Partner (Silver Level). Our partnership in this global program hosted by Adobe will let us be even closer to the fast-growing mainstream technologies, crucial for the e-learning market.
2008-05-30   E-learning for Alior Bank

We are pleased to communicate signing framework agreement with Alior Bank. Alior Bank - newly established Polish bank starting operational activity in 2008 and the largest recent investment in the Polish banking sector has chosen Estakada as the sole provider of e-learning courses and e-learning platform implementation services.
2008-04-21   PARP Academy: 35 000

At the beginning of April 2008 the number of registered PARP Academy project participants from Polish micro, small and medium companies exceeded 35 thousands. Along with this, we achieve 30% completion rate (with the passing score) - it's a unique result in open e-learning projects.
2008-03-01   E-learning for Polbank

We are pleased to inform about signing a framework agreement with EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.A. for providing e-learning courses for employees of Polbank EFG.
2008-02-01   New product: wiki

Estakada introduced new attractive functionality for work group based on the wiki idea (shared and multi-user edited web page). The functionality provides a possibility to carry out cooperative work by multiple, remote learning users. Optionally the role of tutor, trainer or consultant may be involved in the process of creating the work.

Thanks to the functionality remote users of e-learning courses can cooperate on the document, communicate, vote for the subject and the group name - all through the web browser. The editing process does not require any HTML knowledge. User-friendly interface is intuitional for people using popular office software.

The progress evaluation may be quantitative - automatic, based on the number of words and qualitative - carried out by the tutor who verifies the subject, structure and the work completeness.

The functionality is implemented in the PARP Academy project, led by Estakada. This valuable support tool is recommended for classroom, e-learning and blended learning courses also knowledge management systems. Interested? Contact us!.
2008-01-23   The Columbus project

German-British-Polish consortium of six companies and universities, from the Polish side, signed contract with the European Union represented by the European Commission to contribute for the Columbus project. The project is performed under the framework of ETEN programme, dedicated to building information society in the EU countries.

The Columbus project objective is a market validation of the e-learning marketplace, where along the professional e-learning courses there will be enabled features of authoring, publishing and offering hobby e-courses on-line by individuals. The project is coordinated by German-British group of e-learning companies ILT, quoted on London stockmarket. The marketplace will be serviced by German opensource e-learning platform ILIAS. is responsible for delivering professional e-learning courses and coordinating the largest part of the project scope covering pilot runs of the service.

The contract totals over 2,4 mln EUR. The project duration is 18 months.

Press release
2007-12-28   Prolonged PARP Academy

Due to huge interest of participants the PARP Academy project has been prolonged till the end of June 2008. At the end of 2007 the number of the Academy participants exceeds 22 thousands. The project is a unique in the world initiative of free e-learning courses dedicated to entrepreneurs and employees from the sector of micro-, small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Within the project boundaries 10 internet courses have been created covering different topics of management and business knowledge and skills. The courses, dedicated to SMEs, are available through the portal (only in Polish), together with 0801 infoline with mentors and tutors. A country-wide promotional campaign has been carried out with press PR, regional workshops in 32 cities and loyality programme. Part of the scope was directed to training companies and educational institutions, covering class-room trainings on creation and administration of on-line courses.
2007-11-27   Conference: decision games

Estakada was represented at the international conference "Decision Games in Business Education" organized by Wyzsza Szkola Biznesu - NLU on the 27th November 2007 in Nowy Sacz. The subject of our presentation was "Decision games in a real and a virtual world". Here you can find the full paper (PDF).
2007-10-30   We are moving!

Due to dynamic business development we are moving the company premises. Since the 16 November 2007 the company will be located in Warsaw on the Grzybowska Street 80/82 (Kolmex building, V floor). The telephone number changes to +48 22 5816 300, fax +48 22 5816 301.

Through joining our so far two offices and significantly increasing office space, in a new, more comfortable place we will be providing even better courses and e-learning services for our customers.
2007-09-19   New courses in our library

In the last quarter 2007 we introduce three multimedia, interactive e-learning courses on management:
  • Time management - training individual organizing techniques,
  • Periodical appraisal - couse for managerial staff perfecting skills for preparation and carrying out the appraisal meeting within the management by objective program,
  • Change management - orientation training explaining how to avoid typical problems in change management.
E-courses are available in Polish in open licenses. Don't hesitate to contact us and receive the offer .
2007-08-31   1st eL loyality program

We introduced the first in the world loyality program in open e-learning project. Participants of e-learning courses within the PARP Academy gain credit points while passing successive parts of the courses. After completing the entire courses the points may be exchanged into prizes like t-shirts, jars, caps etc. The objective of this program is increase of the PARP Academy market recognition.

To service the loyality program we created portal functionality of points accounting. The functionality enables also placing orders and tracking them until completion.
2007-07-24   E-learning for AXA

We are happy to inform on signing contract and accomplishing e-learning course on code of conduct and ethical standards in the AXA group
2007-06-01   New PMPs in

Two other employees of gained the most recognized worldwide credential of professional project manager (PMP) granted by the largest association of project managers: Project Management Institute (PMI) with about 250 th. members worldwide. Warm congratulations!
2007-05-30   Product e-courses for TP

We are happy to announce signing contracts with Telekomunikacja Polska (Polish Telecom) for creating and updating of e-learning courses on TP products. The total value of contract amounts 1,2M PLZ (0,5M USD).
2007-04-14   E-learning callcenter as the first in Poland introduces service of professional mentoring for the e-learning courses. Our mentors are carefully trained professionals with extensive knowledge of e-learning features, fluent in organizing and administering e-courses and - last but not least - in motivating e-participants using phone and e-mail. Mentors, supported by entirely digital call center, are servicing infoline 0-801 444 MSP (0-801 444 677) for the PARP Akademy. Six days every week, Monday to Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
2007-03-11   FMS support tools

We introduced new product line - e-learning support tools based on Adobe Flash Media Server. User with standard web browser with Flash Player can participate in such synchronous interactions as moderated chats, videochats or whiteboard (common drawing space). The tools can be implemented in the customer network or hosted.
2007-02-15   Printing certificates

We introduced to the market a new e-learning solution - printing certificates. The participant passing the course or its part is able to generate and print a certificate by himself or herself. The certificate confirms fulfilling the course passing criteria and is independent from the e-learning platform vendor, requires only SCORM conformance. Certificates are easy to use and very safe (tough to fake or unauthorised printing). Implementation may be immediate - based only on SCORM standard or integrated with external database systems, including possibility of centralised management by administrator/HR department etc.
2007-01-30   2K Academy participants!

Already 2000 participants from the SME sector (small and medium enterprises) took part in the PARP Academy e-learning training. The most popular are modules on SME company development. Average participant of the PARP Academy is a young male with higher education, coming from a city. Read the full article (PDF in English).
2006-12-07   Contract with BPH Bank

We are happy to inform on signing contract for adaptative e-learning course for BPH Bank S.A. The course concerning procedures and organization of BPH will be used for quick and effective adaptation to work of employees, including those newly hired. Like all estakada e-learning courses also this one will be attractive in form and will use e-learning best practices for effective training. The course will be placed on SAP Learning Solution e-learning platform.
2006-11-20   Great opening

On the 20th November 2006 "The PARP Academy" oficially opened for Small-and-Medium Enterprises. The Academy was initiated by the ceremonial workshop held in the Business Centre Club in Warsaw. Internet portal also started with two e-learning courses "How to develop my company? Management systems for SMEs" and "Debt vindication and liquidity management of SME", together with infoline of e-learning mentors (0-801 444 MSP), working from 8 am to 8 pm, from Monday to Saturday. All of it for micro-, small- and medium enterprises!
2006-10-15   International project for ING

We are please to announce that estakada is working on international project to produce e-learning course for ING group, led by ING Slaski Bank. The course on quality management and Lean Six Sigma method will be delivered in Polish and in English. Estakada provides rich-multimedia, interactive e-learning course together with expert content support for the course as well.
2006-09-05   Multilingual content

We've developed a new method for switching multilingual content. Thanks to so prepared e-learning course participant may change the language while taking the lesson. It supports learning professional vocabulary and enhances creating a new class of e-learning courses in international projects.
2006-08-18   The PARP Academy with us!

We are proud to announce signing the contract with Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) to carry out the project "The PARP Academy". Within this largest Polish e-learning project it is expected that about 35 thousand participants - enterpreneurs and their employees from the SME sector (small and medium size enterprises) will be trained on management using e-learning. The project will deliver educational portal supported by the infoline of consultants and tutors servicing 10 large internet e-courses. There will be also regional workshops organized across the Poland. The contract amounts 14,2M PLN (4,7M USD). The project will be performed by consortium with as a prime contractor. Partner of a consortium, Betacom S.A. is an IT integrator, public company traded at the Warsaw stock exchange, the sole distributor in Poland of e-learning platform Saba. Saba, leading LMS/LCMS technology worldwide, will be the e-learning platform for the PARP Academy.
2006-07-25   Research on e-learning

Our employee, Ania Leszczynska, did her master's degree research under supervision of Estakada at the Warsaw School of Economics. The title of her research was "E-learning in development of enterprise employee competences". Ania researched e-learning in a few big Polish companies. Here (in Polish, pdf 350 kB) you may find the chapter with the results of her research.
2006-06-02   Consortium for eTEN

We are happy to inform that represents Poland in international consortium coordinated by Bertelsmann AG. The aim of the consortium is to carry out a large, open e-learning project within the European eTEN program. Read more on eTEN program here.
2006-05-12   3D graphics in our courses

Estakada's e-learning courses may be recognized at a glance thanks to the 3D models' animations. Our virtual actors may play any scene. We have been using and developing the 3D-animation technique for over a year as it has became a standard in our courses.
2006-04-25   Competencies for TP

We are happy to inform of signing a contract for producing e-learning courses on complex evaluation and development of employees competencies for TP (Polish Telecom). The courses include also the elements of MBO (management by objectives) system.
2006-03-10   New jobs at

As a result of dynamic growth of our company we are looking for instructional designers and computer graphicians (with Polish as their native language). If you are a smiled enthusiast (or know some) and want to work with other ones at please go to career where you may find details on new jobs opportunities in March 2006.
2006-02-28   IT security for TP

We are happy to inform on signing contract for e-learning course on IT security for TP (Polish Telecom). The course is produced in cooperation with IT security department of TP.
2006-01-30   AI in our e-learning courses

Estakada e-learning courses provide advanced analysis of text from the user. With patterns based on regular expressions our courses have "intelligence" while analysing different options of answers put into browser.
2005-12-01   E-learning for Kredyt Bank

We are happy to inform on signing contract for adaptative e-learning course for Kredyt Bank S.A. The course concerning procedures and organization of KB will be used for quick and effective adaptation to work of newly hired employees.
2005-11-07   Testing centre

We have established a testing centre for simulating real-live WAN network conditions. Our e-learning courses will be now tested and adjusted to different situations faced by Internet users like changing bandwidth.
2005-10-20   E-learning on TP products

We are happy to inform on signing long-term contract for e-learning courses on products of TP (Polish Telecom). The courses will be used for training the employees of TP sales departments.
2005-09-02   Memo - new interactive feature

Our e-learning courses provide new possibility to write and develop statements using user's own phrases. The new "memo" interactive feature enhances our potential for soft skills training.
2005-08-12   Contract with NBP

We have signed a contract with National Bank of Poland for creation of e-learning courses, presentations and decision games for the Economic Education Portal Amount of works is almost 1 mln PLN (about USD 300 thousands). Press release
2005-07-28   Co-operation with SAP

In July we have signed an intention letter regarding co-operation with SAP Poland. Our e-learning courses support e-learning platform SAP Learning Solution offered by SAP.
2005-06-24   E-learning in Warta S.A.

We are developing e-learning course with assessment tests on the data safety for Warta S.A. - large Polish insurance company.
2005-05-31   Course for RCB S.A.

We accomplished e-learning course on Compliance with case studies for Raiffeisen Bank Poland S.A. The course has been launched on the Oracle iLearning platform.
2005-04-14   Course: Project Management

We have developed a new e-learning course of project management consistent with new standards from the Project Management Institute (PMP®). In lots of interesting case studies participant learns on typical mistakes of project management in any branch. The course is available on the basis of non-exclusive licence. Should you be interested in the course, please contact us.
2005-03-28   New generation of courses

We have developed several new, unique features in our e-learning courses, among them interactive educational assistant, panoramic pictures and splash screens (fast preview of animation during loading).
2005-02-15   A new course for advisors

We accomplished a new course on principles of running an ecological farm for advisory centres for agriculture coordinated by Centre of Agriculture and Rural Development in Brwinow.
2005-01-05   Courses for

It is our great pleasure and privilege to inform that during 2003-2004, having been contracted by Comarch, we accomplished seven e-learning courses for Economic Education Portal of National Bank of Poland. The courses are: "The economy around us", "EURO getting closer", "Credits for You", "Corporate Financial Analysis", "Monetary History of Poland", "How to invest", and "Banking".
2004-12-02   Implementation in ARiMR

We succeeded with the ARiMR project (Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture). The scope of work covered: numerous courses for IACS operators emulating operations within the actual interface of the system, exam tests, implementation and installation, training for administrators.
2004-11-30   We've moved!

We have moved to our new premises. The new office is also located in central Warsaw, in Prosta 69 Street (Prosta 69 Business Centre). In the new comfortable office we shall create yet better courses.
2004-09-10   At record pace

At record pace estakada accomplished a large e-learning undertaking for the National Advisory Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development. We developed and implemented two sets of courses (over fifteen hours each) on quality standards in agricultural production. Estakada set up a system of local content repositories in order to balance the bandwith load. The courses have been taken by over 800 advisors of several advisory centres all over Poland.
2004-08-21   Multi-media presentations

We have developed our own "engine" for producing multi-medial presentations. Our product is able to run streaming of separate animated slides, while displaying their duration and loading time. Navigation works for simple "forwards-backwards" presentations as well as for hierarchical menu.
2004-07-07   Implementing ISO 9001:2000

Implementation of quality management system in accordance with international standards ISO 9001:2000 has begun. It is expected to be finalized in first half of 2005. We look forward to experience the new system's ability to further systematise our processes (thou sometimes we doubt whether it is possible to go any further) as well as confirming the high quality of our organisation.
2004-06-30   Traineeship for POLJAP students

Two students of Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology (a technical university) have won a salaried traineeship at estakada by drafting the most interesting e-learning course.
2004-05-19   Co-operation with CISCO

In co-operation with CISCO Systems we have conducted a series of tests of Estakada courses within network environment using Cisco CDN solution (Content Delivery Networks). The solution is used to optimise bandwith load through a system of local, centrally managed content repositories. The tests shall enable Estakada courses to support CDN technology utilisation.
2004-04-14   Software courses

We have developed a new training component - interface emulator (EI). It enables fast production of courses on the basis of any given software application, with use of screenshots (static bitmaps) and active formants (with described functions), such as buttons, menus, check boxes etc.
2004-03-22   Project Management by us

Today Estakada managers have become certified project managers. We all worried about them a little, but they scored very well. PMP® (Project Management Professional) is a high esteemed certificate by PMI® (Project Management Institute), the most excellent project managers are awarded.
2004-02-01   Courses for ARiMR

Estakada-ComArch consortium have won a tender for producing an e-learning application for Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture (ARiMR). Courses will be placed on Oracle iLearning.
2004-01-05   Our ad at DATAGROUP's

See the advert we placed in last edition of DATAGROUP special report "Trainings' quality standards 2003"[1] [2] [3] [4]
2003-12-16   Negotiation games

We have developed an exciting course "Negotiation games" for Polkomtel S.A., using our new decision games engine. The course has been implemented as non-exclusive licence. Should you be interested in the course, please contact us.
2003-11-15   Decision games engine

Decision games engine is ready! Using a "decision matrix" approach we are able to design games of expotential complexity of scenario, while levelling production costs. Game authors are facilitated to control the matrix field and events sequence.
2003-10-16   Co-operation with YDP

Thanks to co-operation with YDP we have adjusted our courses to their "LEO" LMS. Estakada courses also support tracking in SCORM and AICC standards (AICC two-direction).
2003-09-21   Motivating module

Motivating module is ready! Built-in lesson statistics available on demand, adaptive courses - are some of the features of the system. Course interface enables learner to look at her / his progress - it's not necessary to withdraw and check the status in LMS reports. The course itself helps in completing and passing a lesson, by suggesting and automatically creating a repetition path adjusted to individual results of a learner. How does it work? - here you can find an example, just click on the owl icon.
2003-08-30   Our new courses

We have successfully completed our biggest project so far! 160 hours of ready content. 50-person team plus numerous external experts, film actors and staff, who produced 45 min of interesting scenes. The results are four absorbing educational courses.


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