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why estakada?

Our Clients are assisted in discovery of new e-learning potential, which radically increases didactical process efficiency and reduces time spent on learning.

Our major competitive advantage is innovativeness - didactic, technological and organisational.

Didactics. We know how to acquire experts' and trainers' knowledge and transform it into interactive content one could never find in e-books and manuals.
Eye-catching illustrations are created using RAD techniques (Rapid Application Development). Even the scenarios of our courses are intriguing themselves.

Technology. Our content is intelligent. We take advantage of great abilities of XML and SCORM. Estakada has been a first content producer in Poland to introduce adaptive courses. You will not find any cliché or clipart in our courses, since there are only original multimedia and animations.

Organisation. Every course is a separate project. We use tools for version control, group work and project management. We meet the strained deadlines.
At every stage Client is welcomed to look into the work process - we are willing to share our experience.

Estakada is a word of a French origin, meaning a flyover* - a bridge that carries a road over another one.
Why take estakada rather than staying flat? Because it's a suitable and fast way to get you to your target.
Let us carry you over the level of everyday problems with e-learning. Incompatible technologies, overcame budgets, lack of motivation, boredom.
Estakada - a good way to overcome problems and achieve efficient training.

*By the way - flyover means also a show flight. Let us show you what can we do for you. Let's talk.


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